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Transforming Community Living

KBC Development FZE, a vibrant entity wholly owned by KBC Global India Ltd., boasts a significant net worth of AED 293 million. Our origins lies in India, where our parent company has earned a solid reputation for excellence across diverse sectors. Committed to innovation, sustainability, and positive societal influence, we at KBC Development FZE strive to make impactful contributions to communities worldwide.

At KBC Development FZE, we are more than just a construction company; we are visionaries dedicated to transforming communities through innovative solutions and unwavering commitment. With a foundation rooted in excellence and driven by a passion for positive change, we tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing the housing sector today.


Escalating prices of land, materials, and labor make housing unaffordable for many, hindering access to safe and comfortable living spaces.


Lengthy construction timelines delay the availability of housing units, exacerbating the crisis and leaving communities waiting for much-needed accommodations.

Durability and Resilience

Existing housing stock often lacks sufficient durability and resilience, posing safety risks and diminishing long-term viability, necessitating a shift towards more robust and sustainable construction methods.

Expanding Footprint

Pursuing sustainable growth, our company has presence across 20+ African countries. We operate through subsidiaries, concentrating on essential social needs, predominantly in underserved regions, by providing affordable housing, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. Our aim is to elevate communities in dire need of development, ensuring progress where it's most crucial. This approach underscores our commitment to fostering advancement in areas lagging behind.

Pioneering Solutions

At KBC Development FZE, innovation drives our core. We lead in crafting groundbreaking construction solutions, focusing on affordable housing. Our commitment extends to setting up pre-fabrication plants, crucial for enhancing our affordable housing projects. These facilities are key in elevating our low-cost housing initiatives, significantly impacting the construction industry's evolution. Through these efforts, we aim to transform the landscape of housing.

Strategic Partnerships

Acknowledging the importance of collaboration, we have established strategic partnerships with leading construction companies across the globe. These alliances enable us to leverage their knowledge and resources, particularly in pre-fabrication technology, significantly bolstering our efforts to provide cost-effective housing options. This strategy not only enhances our operational capabilities but also ensures we remain at the forefront of offering accessible living solutions.

Introducing affordable properties in your city.

Discover a curated collection of affordable premier properties awaiting you in your city. Tailored to suit diverse budgets and lifestyles, these homes offer living without compromising on quality. From stylish apartments to spacious family homes, each property is crafted to exceed expectations, providing unparalleled value and comfort. Find your perfect home without breaking the experience exceptional living in prime locations, where convenience meets affordability.

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